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Changing the way we support volunteers

Digital platforms and consultancy to recruit, manage and celebrate a volunteer workforce.

What is Volunteering UK?

Volunteers are the lifeblood of communities and social causes, but there’s a lack of quality technology and support to help connect them with the causes they care about.

We are here to provide powerful technology at a fair price, helping the whole sector to recruit, manage and celebrate volunteers.

We believe that great technology only exists when its users have a stake and a say in how the services they rely on are designed. So, we work in partnership with the whole sector, from the smallest community projects to the biggest charities.

We need to do volunteering differently. If you agree, please join us.

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We have a range of products and services to help you recruit, manage and celebrate volunteers…


Advice and guidance on developing digital platforms to recruit and match volunteers with opportunities.


A volunteering platform for young people aged 14-30 to find opportunities to build skills, confidence and networks.

White Label

Bespoke volunteering platforms, built on vInspired technology and branded for your organisation.